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Volunteers Packing Food

Who We Are

Young People of Purpose

Living Mulch LLC wants to shape the trajectory of young peoples' lives.  We are currently running two programs, the Mission Berry Program and the Carob Bean Program. Our Mission Berries sell Living Mulch products to earn their tickets for various travel learn programs.  Our Carob Beans are also vendors of Living Mulch products, they earn as they learn to run their own companies. We hope that through these two programs we are able to direct our youth in a prosperous direction financially, intellectually, and spiritually.

I Want to Be

Women Holding Hands

A Mission Berry

Mission Berry \mi-shǝn ‘ber-ē\   n
A young person enrolled in the Living Mulch travel learn program that teaches God’s principles of Love. Mission Berries go on mission trips around the world to share God’s love through action. The goal of a Mission Berry is to break down prejudices and prove to the world that God loves and died for everyone regardless of race, creed, status or culture.

A Carob Bean

Carob Bean \ca-rub ‘bēn\  n
A young person enrolled in the Living Mulch mentorship program that teaches God’s wealth-building model. Carob Beans are vendors of Living Mulch and earn as they learn.  The goal of a Carob Bean is to become to the world what Joseph was to Egypt and Daniel was to Babylon.

Both A Mission Berry & A Carob Bean

Why choose? Just be both.  Who says a Carob Bean can't travel the world and a Mission Berry can't own their own company?

A Volunteer

We are looking for those who would like to volunteer to help this program be the best that it can be.  We need everything, from administrators to chaperones for trips. If you are interested please sign up below.

I Want to Support the Living Mulch Programs

Southern African Christian Fellowship is a nonprofit that has partnered with Living Mulch because they believe in the program that we are offering to the children. 

100% of all donations made from this website will go to fund the Living Mulch programs.

70% of all proceeds go to fund the programs.

After all, we have to factor in cost to make the products.